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ENOITALIA JOLLY 35, 3800 kg/h.
ENOITALIA JOLLY 35, 3800 kg/h.


ENOITALIA JOLLY 35, 3800 kg/h.

Code: JOLLY35
Brand: ENOITALIA made in Italy.

Shredder-separator and pump motor 2.5IR, is equipped with a stainless steel centrifugal pump for conveying the stafylopoltou within the fermentation vessel. Available in the following versions: enamelled steel, fully stainless steel. In all models the sieve and the centrifugal pump are made of stainless steel.

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TYPE                                                      JOLLY35

DIMENSIONS                                          1330χ680χ900mm

MOTER                                                   2.5ΗΡ

WEIGTH                                                 110kg

 (rpm)                                                     500

PUMP INOX                                            Φ60

PUMP HEADS                                       15μτ.οριζόντια, 5μτ.κατακόρυφα

PRODUCTION                                       3800kg/h

COLOR                                                 Ηλεκτροστατική

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