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0-25 % Vol / 0-20 °Bé - Refractometer with Backlight for wine industry.
In aluminum very light - Red Line
To measure isugar in moust and potential alcohol in wine too.
Used in Spain, Portugal, Greece...
With automatic temperature compensation ( ATC)

1 - Components 1- Prism 2- Cover plate 3- Setting screw 4- Mirror tube 5- Eyepiece (adjusting ring of dioptre) 2 - Instruction for use Calibration by adjustment of the ZERO line. 2.1 Aim the front end of the refractometer in the direction of bright light and set the adjusting ring of dioptre until the scale can be seen clearly. 2.2 Open the cover plate, put one or two drops of distilled water on the prism. Close the cover plate and press it lightly. Then adjust the setting screw to make the light and dark limit coincide with the ZERO ligne. If the instrument is ATC (with Automatic Temperature Compensation system), the room temperature must be 20°C whenever the instrument is recalibrated. Once calibrated, shifts in ambient temperature within the acceptable range (between 10°C/30°C) should not effect accuracy. The calibration of our refractometers can be made with our master liquids which are available for purchase. Utilisation 2.3 Open the cover plate, clean the surface of the prism with a soft cotton cloth, put one or two drops of the solution to be measured onto the prism. Close the cover plate and press it lightly, then read the corresponding scale of light and dark limit indicating the value of the measured solution.2.4 In case of the temperature has a lot of variation, you should control the ZERO point every 30 minutes.2.5 After the measurement, clean the remaining liquid on the surface of the prism and the cover plate with a damp gauze. After drying, store the instrument carefully. 3 - Temperature compensation The reference temperature is 20°C (68°F). Refractometers with “ATC” have an automatic temperature compensation. 4 - Precaution Do not wash the instrument with water in order to avoid water entering inside. Handle gently and do not touch the optical surfaces The refractometer must be stored in a dry, clean and non corrosive environment. Avoid strong shocks

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